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Eye Health - Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye is a very common condition and one of the most prevalent cause of visits to the eye doctors. The tear film layer which is situated on surface of your cornea is actually not only for lubrication; it has a visual an nutritional role to the cornea, so dry eye condition (defective tear film layer) can cause visual disturbance and affect the integrity of the cornea making it vulnerable to many noxious agents.

The symptoms of dry eye sometimes mistakenly attributed to eye allergy.  Dry eye does not only mean that the eye can't produce tears, in fact in most of cases dry eye presents with watering of the eyes. Dry eye syndrome comes in two main types:

1- Aqueous deficiency dry eye
2- Evaporative dry eye " MGD"

At Enlight Family Eye Clinic we carefully examine your eyes and perform special testing to determine the type of dry eye so we can focus on treating the root cause of the dry eye condition not only just the symptoms.

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