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Eye Health - Retinal Diseases

Retinal Detachment: "Be aware of floaters and flashes"

Retina is the inner lining layer of the eye ball, it is the light sensitive layer which forms the images to be sent to the brain through the eye nerve.

Diseases and damages to the retina can cause blindness. One of those dangerous conditions is retinal detachment, where the retina becomes separated from its underneath bed and loses its function. Retinal detachment usually results from a tear in the retina. The symptoms patients experience: are seeing flashes and floaters. Since retinal detachment and loss of vision can be prevented if a retinal tear is early treated, so it is of paramount importance to have your eyes examined thoroughly if you experience flashes or floaters.

At Enlight Family Eye Clinic we do dilated examination of the back of the eye and we are equipped with fundus camera and OCT scan to be able to detect retinal tears.
Peripheral Retinal Degeneration:

There are multiple degenerative conditions which can affect the periphery of the retina and put the eye at a potential risk of developing retinal tears. These conditions are asymptotic and only a carful and meticulous thorough examination of the back of the eye can detect these types of problems.

At Enlight Family Eye Clinic we do examine the eyes thoroughly to proactively discover such conditions so that the negative consequences can be prevented.




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