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Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Eye sight is a very precious gift to every one, so it is very prudent to keep your eyes healthy.

The eyes are the only sense organs that are surrounded from all sides by bony shields and have lids to protect them.

The nerve of the eye is very special and different than any other nerve in the whole body.

The eye nerve is considered as a part of the brain tissue so any damage to that nerve is irreversible.

Please follow the following simple steps to see the beautiful world through health eyes:
  1. Get an annual full comprehensive eye examination, since 75% of eye disease can be prevented if detected early.
  2. Protect you your eyes from the harmful UV light by wearing sun glasses. Macular degeneration is highly linked to harmful UV light.
  3. Do not smoke and try to quit if you do. Smoking can lead macular degeneration, optic nerve damage and cataract.
  4. Eat heathy and practice your physical exercise daily.
  5. Know your family history, several eye diseases are hereditary.
  6. Avoid eye injuries.
  7. Seek the immediate advice of your eye doctor if you suspect eye infection or sudden change of your vision.




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