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Eye Health - Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a blinding disease of the eye and it is a hereditary disease (runs in families). In this disease, the pressure of the eye is usually higher than normal and causes damage the eye nerve (the optic nerve).

Unfortunately, glaucoma does not produce symptoms for the patient to notice at the beginning. When you start to notice visual decline due to glaucoma that is usually too late in the disease process. The eye nerve tissue damage is unfortunately irreversible, here comes the huge importance of regular health eye exam since it is asymptotic disease.

At Enlight family eye clinic, in our comprehensive eye exam, we check for early glaucoma sings in the eye.

We are also equipped with the state of the art tools to detect and prevent any eye nerve damage through:
1-Humphrey visual field testing 
2-OCT scanning of the optic nerve 
3-Fundus photography of the nerve and the back of the eye

Please contact us if you have a family history of glaucoma so you can protect your eyes. 




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